Fair Tax facts

What does the FairTax do for me?

To put it simply, the FairTax offers you a brighter future by removing the roadblocks to financial success in America. You work hard for your paycheck. Wouldn't you like to keep more of it? Of course you would. We'd all like to know how to lower taxes and keep more of the money we earn. That's the beauty of the FairTax.

With the FairTax, you are allowed more disposable income, because the elimination of income taxes allows you to keep more of your paycheck. Similarly, by eliminating estate taxes and capital gains taxes, the FairTax doesn't penalize you for saving money. It's just the opposite. The FairTax was created to help you achieve your financial goals, which, in turn, creates economic stability throughout the country.

The best part about the FairTax is that you do not carry the tax burden by yourself. Under the FairTax there is no income tax. Instead, we all pay taxes based on how much we consume. That's "we". All of us. Hard working Americans, tax dodgers, drug dealers, tourists and illegal aliens all pay the FairTax, so it is no longer left up to the American working man alone. It isn't a matter of "us versus them", because we are all in this together. As Americans, it is up to all of us to keep this country running, to keep the lights on, so Lady Liberty remains a beacon of hope throughout the world. That's why the FairTax just makes sense.

The FairTax is the only tax plan where everyone pays their fair share.

Fair Tax for Retirement

How does the FairTax affect retirees?

Many retirees and seniors living on fixed incomes have been led astray about the benefits of the Fair Tax Act. After paying taxes their entire lives, surely the FairTax would cheat retirees out of their retirement plans. Well, nothing could be further from the truth.

  • The FairTax continues to fund Social Security
  • Social Security taxation is eliminated
  • Gift taxes and estate taxes are also eliminated
  • There are no capital gains taxes should you sell your home
  • Seniors are no longer required to file taxes or keep records of any kind

The FairTax benefits retirees and seniors living on fixed incomes just as much as it benfits the current workforce. The research has been done and made available to you. You can download the white paper covering, in detail, just how the FairTax benefits seniors and retirees. Click HERE to download.